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Morada STR 52 Inch

The new Morada is the only above ground pool you can customize for your family. Round or oval, large or small, this beautiful pool will complement any backyard decor. Decking and Fencing for this pool is also available. See your pool professional for the many different options to choose from.

Maximium Versatility, Maximum Value! The Morada also gives you exclusive components such as a 'Wallsaver' panel, a stainless steel service panel, an RBS Resin Bottom System and 9” Resin high-impact top rails—all Lifetime components!

Round Morada STR is available in:
12 Ft, 15 Ft, 18 Ft, 21 Ft, 24 Ft, 27 Ft, 30 Ft, 33 Ft.

Oval Morada STR is available in:
12 Ft x 17 Ft, 12 Ft x 24 Ft, 15 Ft x 24 Ft, 15 Ft x 30 Ft, 18 Ft x 33 Ft, 18 Ft x 40 Ft, 21 Ft x 43 Ft.

Strength & Value

Massive 9" top ledge

8" Krystal Kote uprights

Yardmore Buttress-Free Support System on Ovals

RBS Resin Bottom System

Vapor Wall with Stainless Steel

Service Panel (not shown)

Sharkline Above Ground Swimming Pools

Whether you choose the traditional strength of our steel pool, Sharkline's technologically advanced resin construction or the superior performance of our aluminum pool, all Sharkline Pools are constructed to give you years of backyard enjoyment. Styled to enhance your backyard!